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Are you hoping to use Statecraft soon, but are unsure as to how it works? Are you currently using Statecraft and want to learn how to better implement a simulation in your class? Do you want to gain CPE hours toward your teaching certificate? 

Statecraft Implementation Course focuses on instructors to improve student attendance and achievements.

Two Training sections

The Statecraft Implementation Course is divided up into two separate sections: Classroom Implementation; Simulation Training. The second section builds on the foundational knowledge from the first and gives instructors as chance to dive into the student side of the simulation. It is not required that you complete both, but we highly recommend that if you want to maximize your understanding and implementation, you do so.

Classroom Implementation Objectives

1. Understand how to navigate both instructor and student simulation dashboards
2. Set up a test simulation for their class(es)
3. Understand how to increase student achievement, engagement, and career readiness through classroom implementation strategies
4. Prepare an assignment that pairs the simulation with CTE Standards
5. Prepare a simulation Integrated Syllabus
6. Prepare an Instructor Implementation Plan

5 CPE Hours Including Prep Work

Simulation Training Objectives

1. Each instructor creates 4 Assignments that pair with the course standards and promote career readiness
2. Each instructor finalizes their syllabus
3. Practice the Debrief Assignment and Presentation
4. Instructors create a shared bank of assignments and syllabi
5.Connect the Simulation Training to Student Engagement, Achievement, and Career Readiness

15 CPE Hours

how it works

Easy Set-up & Launch

Section 1: Classroom Implementation

Section 2: Simulation Training

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