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Teachers have been asking us to play for years! Now you can engage in the students' side of the simulation and have some fun 🙂



Invite your whole department to join as a team with teachers across the US independently and on Zoom calls every Tuesday night from
November 17 - January 5.



You experience the thrill of Statecraft from the students' perspective! 

Statecraft Staff will present a debrief on Friday, January 8th. Each teacher in the country with the highest points will receive unlimited access to Statecraft for Fall 2021. 

Dates: Every Tuesday from November 17 – January 5

Time: 7:30-8:30 PM EST

Location: Zoom Meetings

Debrief Meeting: Friday January 8th 7:30 – 8:30 PM EST


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  1. Sign up
  2. Read the Student Manual 
  3. Download the latest version of Zoom
  4. Receive an email on Sunday, November 15 to Register on Statecraft 
  5. Register and prep for Turn 0 on Tuesday, November 17
  6. Game on!

Additional Information


How will country assignments work?

If you register with a cohort of 5 teachers or more, you will be guaranteed your own country - all teachers must sign up before we reach 50. If you sign up with less than 5, or by yourself, the simulation will place you with other teachers based on the results of your Foreign Policy Attitude Test.

Can I receive CPE Hours?

Absolutely - upwards to 8 hours! If you have specific questions about your state requirements, please reach out to Stefan at [email protected].

Signing up with others

You will be asked to provide the full name and email of other teachers you would like to have in your country. We recommend joining as a department as this is a great way to bond with other teachers at your school and to support each other!

Do I have to attend every Tuesday Zoom meeting?

We highly recommend you block out that hour of your week to interact at the very least with other countries (this mirrors in-class time with students). If you know for sure you cannot make a meeting, it is on you to inform the rest of your country.

How will we be meeting?

We will be using Zoom as our main meeting room. You are able to schedule your own Zoom meetings within Statecraft and invite any player. You are also encouraged to use a platform that works best for you.

Why should I attend the Debrief?

The Debrief is designed to help illuminate the decisions that other countries made and why they made them. You may learn about secret missions they were incentivized to take and their overall strategies and approach to playing. Also, if you at some point chose to use Statecraft in your classes, this is a great way to understand how to run a Debrief Meeting.

Are we taking any holiday weeks off?

No, we will not. We realize this may be an inconvenience, however, we also understand that this year people may be celebrating holidays differently than normal. We want to make connecting with others during these times special even if at the very least, through Statecraft.


Unlimated use of Statecraft Fall 2021

All high school teachers who are in the winning country will receive unlimited use of Statecraft Fall 2021. This means that you have full reign of Statecrafts' simulations with any number of classes and students for the entire Fall!

Excited Student Celebrating and playing Statecraft Simulations

Game on.