hEY INstructors! iT'S YOUR TURN.

Computer with Statecraft Screen

FREE Play of US GOv Lite and IR Simulations




To understand the student perspective of the simulation and see why they have so much fun learning!



Join a weekly Zoom call with other instructors to go over Assignments that connect Statecraft to state standards as well as to engage in the simulations.
April 19 - June 7



You experience the thrill of Statecraft from the students' perspective! You will also walk away with assignments that can help bring Statecraft to life in your class.


Instructors will play both the US Government Lite and the International Relations Lite Simulations. Throughout both, the cohort will create assignments that tie the simulations to specific state standards as well as go over sample syllabi and classroom implementation strategies. Engage your students by engaging with other instructors.

Dates Overview:

April 19 (Mon): Overall Introduction – Sign up for US Gov Lite 
April 26 (Mon): Period 1
May 3 (Mon): Period 2
May 10 (Mon): Debrief and Register for IR Lite
May 17 (Mon): Turn 0
May 24 (Mon): Turn 1 and Turn 2
June 2 (Wed): Turn 3 and Turn 4
June 7 (Mon): Debrief

5:00 – 6:00 PM PDT

Zoom Meetings


Handsome African American Student with great hair plays Statecraft Simulations
  1. Register 
  2. Download the latest version of Zoom
  3. Join the first call on April 19
  4. Game on!

Additional Information


Can I pick play a specific role?

All positions will be determined based on how you answer registration questions.

Signing up with others

We encourage you to invite your colleagues to play with you!

Do I have to attend every Zoom meeting?

To get the most of both of the simulations, we highly recommend you prioritize these meetings.

How do CPE hours work?

We understand life gets in the way sometimes and that it may be unrealistic to make a meeting. We give a CPE hours to each instructor who attends at least 6 of the 8 sessions for the total number of hours they were present.

Does this cost anything to play?

No 🙂

How will we be meeting?

We will be using Zoom as our main meeting room.

Why should I attend the Debrief?​

The Debrief is designed to help illuminate the decisions that other countries made and why they made them. You may learn about secret missions they were incentivized to take and their overall strategies and approach to playing. This is also a great way to understand how to run a Debrief Meeting with your students.

Are we taking any holiday weeks off?​

We will be moving the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend to that Wednesday June 2nd. At our first meeting on April 19, all instructors will receive a calendar invite with Zoom links to all of the dates and are encouraged to RSVP to all they plan to attend.

Game on.